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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Nope..not pregnant. We became the proud parents of a 12 week old kitten and a 8 week old mini American Eskimo. I'm exhausted and its only been 12 hrs. I have forgotten what it's like to have a dog in the house. When we first had our Chihauhaus we had been in our house for 2 years only and hadn't really accumulated to much crap. 8 yrs later and 8 yrs later of shit laying about make a difference. When we got home today it was like baby proofing a house all over again. Get everything off the floors, off the tables, cover this, cover that. Then it's ..."Where's Ivy?" (the dog).."Where's Violet?" (the cat). Catch it before it squats (either)....don't let it climb the couch (the cat)..blah blah blah...on and on.

I'm actually sitting here tired. Trips outside to make sure Ivy goes to the bathroom. Catching the kitten before it climbs up on the table. Figuring out who sleeps where...on and on and on. I told the girl that maybe have both wasn't a great idea after all. We'll see.

The cat was adopted at PetSmart for 55.00 and Ivy was bought by an owner that breeds them for $300.

At 10:30 I put Ivy in it's kennel (without the door on ) and put it in the bathroom with a doggie nap for its "business". 4 minutes inside and the damn dog went crazy. Crying and scratching and flipping out. Violet on the other hand went right to sleep with the girl. We'll see if she remembers where her kitty box is. One mistake and hubby will be taking the cat to a friends house. The bad thing is that before I put Ivy in the bathroom for the night I took it outside. Wanted nothing to do with the dark wet grass out there and didn't go. I put it in the bathroom and sure enough it shit all over the place. The only good thing is that it went on the nappie. So a point there. But 10 points off for going inside when I just took it outside. So I cleaned it up and put it in the box with the cage on and took it in the living room and put it by hubby's chair. It went right to sleep. Damn spoiled dog. It's lying there now by itself with the TV on.

Guess what..hubby just left the chair and it woke up and immediately started whining. hahahahahaha...i'm fucked.
So what does hubby do..."goodnight"!...goodnight!!! whadda ya mean Good Night!...wait a minute buster...who's gonna keep the dog quiet. "You, I have work early". Oh great ...now i'm some Beastmaster and I'm gonna keep it quiet. yea right.


ok...the dog is spoiled and we're gonna keep it spoiled. I sat in the rocker saying shit like "Ssshhh Baby" "It's alright IVY" and sat there and I actually rocked while it slept in its kennel.



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