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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Let's see:

- friend R is in Cozumel for the week

- nephew graduated from his fire academy. He was in the front row so that was cool. He looked very grown up and very boyish at the same time. Weird.

- Oldest nephew came up to the car and gave Gma a hug. I think she wanted to cry. It seemed she's thinking that all the grandkids are getting older and not needing the Gma nowadays. I told her nonsense and stop thinking like that

- I made a sign for the nephew, yelled out "Flashdance" when he was called, hit a complete stranger in front of me, saw the nephews girlfriends mom, who looks younger than me, everyone realized that sitting in the chairs was what Hawaii was going to be like.

- Put Ivy down for her bed time at 11:00 instead of 12:00. These nights are gettting longer and the alarm clock is going on way too early nowadays

- So far, have kept up with the dishes and kept everything off the floor...that's a HUGE improvement

- The Oblongs are one right now. I like that show


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