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Saturday, May 20, 2006


- the boy wears long sleeves all the time cause he doesn't want to show everyone his eczema on his arms

- the girls cheer uniform ended up costing 665 dollars

- a plumber can make 282.00 in 1 1/2 hr by hooking up our plumbing for our new sink

- Aeon Flux wasn't all that great of a movie after all

- apparently the family wants a dog and the only way I'm getting one is if I get to pick it and it stays indoors

- the boy even with all his problems is maybe just a boy after all. spent some time talking to two other mom's who seem that their boys are going thru something similiar

- braces really hurt when put on an adult according to friend L

- our friend E just found he's going to be a daddy. he text everyone saying "I will be spending Fathers Day with all you other Fathers this year."

- the girl is good enough according to one of her coaches (not hubby) to be put on a traveling team

- my house is in total shambles and I'm walking over piles of crap everywhere

- it's getting into the 90's and I'm getting really frustrated already with the heat and its only May

- some kind of bird flu is going to be big this year

- my friend C got his restraining order approved for one year

- the boy will almost certainly have to take summer school in order to proceed to the next grade

- middle sis's daughter's b day is today and she took some friends to spend the night in a hotel (exactly one week ago I told friend R that's what I wanted to do for the girls' b day. when I said it I forgot to put on my foil hat so that sis couldn't read my thoughts...damn)


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