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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


It's funny. I recalled part of my lunch convo's with the girls from high school last night and I remember saying that I was going to see Gwen Stefani that night. One of the girls smiled, one said, "who?" and the other said, "oh my daughter would be so jealous". What the fuck? Where does this put me in terms of my "acting my age". I enjoy concerts, I enjoy loud noise, I enjoy rock, I enjoy laughing and dancing and acting silly. This was also brought up to my mind cause me and oldest sis got to go shopping the other day by our lonesome and we went to Best Buy. Anyone who's ever been there will understand when oldest sis started getting worked up. Every electrical contraption known to man was turned on. You either heard planes roaring, armies crashing, beats a bumpin', or some CD on the loud speaker....add in a few hudnered people and it was a madhouse. I strolled through the place like nothing. Sis said every once in a while, "I must be getting old. I'm getting agitated in here, why can't it be quieter?" I laughed. I said, "Yup, first signs of getting old. Can't hang." There's an age difference, but I never even thought about it. At the tender age of a very young 34 that I am, I vowed never to be bothered by noise, music, etc......I wonder if that will be true. I'll probably be a nervous wreck and pull my hair out and bang my head on the floor when I reach "that age". Who knows. Anyway...I digress, here is my list of concerts that I have attended. Quite a mixture if I don't say so myself and in no way in any kind of order except the first one.

1. Duran Duran (1st concert, oldest sis, middle sis, me)

2. Power Station (middle sis)

3. Simple Minds (friends from school)

4. INXS (friends from school)

5. Garth Brooks (oldest sis)

6. Prince (baby sis, friend R)

7. KISS in at Shoreline (friend R)

8. KISS in Reno (oldest sis, middle sis)

9. KISS at Fresno (hubby)

10. Aerosmith (friend R)

11. Metallica (hubby, friend A)

12. The Eagles (oldest sis, hubby, friend R)

13. Wayne Newton (mom's birthday, gimme a break) (all us girls)

14. Red Hot Chilli Peppers (friend R)

15. Joan Jett & the Heartbreakers (hubby and the kids, Fair)

16. Stone Temple Pilots (friend R)

17. NSYNC (the boy, the girl, & baby sis)

18. Chicago (2nd row seats baby w/oldest sis. i listened to them for 3 days learning their songs)

19. Ratt, Cinderella, Quiet Riot, Firehouse (front row baby!!! friend R & J)

20. Hank Williams Jr. (baby sis, friend R)

21. Lisa Lisa (hubby)

22. James Marsters (from buffy.....shut up)

23. Static - X (friend L, friends from work)

24. Connie (old school....w/hubby, friends)

25. Gwen Stefani (friend R)

26. Dwight Yokum w/Rosanne Cash opening (mom, oldest sis, sis friend M)


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