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Thursday, December 29, 2005


As you can tell I skipped a post about Xmas. Not that it didn't have its enormous amounts of drama with it but its just soooo much to write about it. So here's some highlights from Xmas Eve and Xmas.

1. Xmas eve did the trek to the matriarch's house for the tradidional Santa coming and giving presents to the kids, tamales, and drunk fest. This is the second Xmas without the matriarch of the familia and its getting sadder each year. Anyways, I got to hear middle sis try and get our cousin ask her about her trip abroad like 4 times. After the 4th time I blurted out, "She's going to Italy!!" just to get a break.

1- 1/2. Listening to holiday dribble come out of middle sis's and cousings mouth for 2 1/2 hrs was just fucking thrilling.

2. Watching hubby put middles sis's kids bike together at midnight was funny.

3. Xmas day, hauled the countless of gifts over to mom's house. Everyone there. Gave the boy his guitar and it was hasta la vista baby to the hubby. He fucking left. He got pissed so what does the fucking baby do? He said, "Im gonna go cool off and come back" what the fuckever. he stayed away when the adults opened up their presents (including mine) and it was for the best! He said how could I go and buy something like that without telling him. It's a $200 guitar for christ-sakes..... I bought a $16,000.00 car without his knowledge either, u think a guitar was gonna upset me?

4. Poor nephew came down with something. Seemed he was sick and couldn't get his girlfriends relatives to the airport and came home to sleep. Oldest sis and hubby went home for a bit.

5. Ate. Ate. Ate. Ate......i ate so fucking much I was getting literally sick. Youngest sis got it worse.

6. Watched IN AMERICA (with nieces twin in it i Swear) Monday night and cried for an hour. I luv that movie.

7. Hubby's truck was recovered. the shitheads who took it took everything. Including the monogramed cover that I got him last Xmas. What fucktards. The thing is non drivable and will take about 3k to fix back up to where it was. Great.

8. Can't wait for next year.


At 6:36 PM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

I didn't know that Daddy P was up all night putting a bike together for the Psychic. Funny, I was up all night sewing her comforter. Why were we the ones doing all the work?

Just askin...


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