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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I rule!

I did it. Not a huge deal, but i knew i could do it. tonight my husband says, "hey, that show you like is on..the one with the four kids." Entourage? "yeah, that one." he sat thru 3 episodes back to back. hook, line and sinker. power of persuasion, baby. did my pilates tonight again. that's a record twice in one week. look out people.....im going for the abs. hahhahahaha. yeah right. hurt like hell, but i knew i would hurt worse tomorrow if i didnt do it. i locked myself in my daughters room and put the tapes in and did it. hubby wanted to say goodnight and i yelled for him to get away from the fucking door! i've notice im a bitch when i have to exercise. i'm alway a bitch when i'm hungry, when i'm hot, when i'm tired, when i'm sick, ....jesus...that doesn't leave a whole lot of time in between all that does it? im weak right now...don't know if i should be, but man, when you try to work your body out a little, it sure does start screaming in protest. the thing that is motivating me is the cheer moms. it seems like all of them lost weight from the year before and i doubled it. i told them all that tonight while we were watching our daughters practice. the advisore lost 32lb since november, another mom lost 17lb by quitting soda...for christ sake even the owner lost 23 lb since january. aaaahh!! that's the real motivation behind all of this. i am not going to be a big cheer mom this season and if i want to do that, i'd better get my ass in gear. i'll have to do something besides pilates 3 times a week. i type this as i am sitting in front of my $500.00 treadmill that has been used exactly twice in 6 months. maybe tomorrow.




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