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Sunday, July 24, 2005

A little T.V. on a Sunday

another sunday another statement by me out loud, "i think tomorrow will be a good day to start a diet". of course my inside voice is saying, "who the fuck are you kiddin?" walked thru costo today and told hubby to walk behind me. i started to see spots before my eyes and if i passed out i didn't want to hit the concrete. but even the stars didn't persuade me to not ask for a choc/vanilla swirl yougut. pathetic.
watched lance armstrong get his 7th victory in the Tour de France. that was pretty interesting, until i called oldest sis and she informed me that the little girl that sheryl crowe was holding was actually his from his first wife. how sad, here the ex goes thru the cancer scare and at least 5 of the victories and who gets to stand up with him on the most important feat of his cycling career? yep, ms. sheryl "i wanna walk in the sun, i wanna tell everyone to lighten up" crowe. ouch, bet that hurt. hope the ex got a good settlment. after that it was a texas hold 'em tournament. we've been watching that a lot lately, cause hubby all of a sudden thinks "he know when to hold 'em , know when to walk away". he wants to go to vegas and try his luck in some card games over there. my dad used to play cards in vegas/reno. nothing too extravagant...i always thought it was more for the beer than the cards. one time he politely got escorted by the nice Stratosphere security to his room after a long night of card playing. i thought it was funny, i don't think my mom did though. after that it was Entourage, to which i really am getting addicted to. made hubby watch it. i think i'l get him into it too. hey, if i can get him into watching buffy and angel, i know i can get him into this.


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