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Monday, July 25, 2005

And the Oscar goes to???

for the 68th year in a row...my mom. such a fun filled drama day. phone calls, frustration, head banging against the wall, walk it off, have a cigarette, breathe and remember..tomorrow could always be worse.
anywaaaaaays, daugher had cheer practice today. 7-8 due to the heat. wasn't soo bad. found out that nationals is at the end of january and qualifying won't be until nov 20th. that doesn't leave a lot of time for a routine to get done. here i was saying this to all the advisors and i don't even know if my daughter is going to make the team. how precosious (sp?) was that. felt pretty dumb to just automatically think my daughter would make it. she's good, don't get me wrong, but never count your egss before they hatch. practices from mon - wed 1 hr for now. as it cools off (yeah, who am i kidding) we will go back to mon - thurs 6-8. i don't mind, i like finding out what's going on with the teams and helping out where i can. can't wait to see the uniforms on the girls...they looked great at fittings and im really excited this year. this will be her fourth year and she says its going to be her last. who knows with her. we're looking at enrolling her in a 1 night a week mexican dance class here in town. could be interesting.
watched joe black tonight. luv that movie. could watch it over and over again. before that came on i actually went into another room and actually did pilates for 1/2 hr. what a bitch that was. here it is 2 1/2 hrs later and i can't feel my arms. tried to lift myself off the char to get a better sititng position and i actually felt my arms go numb and i dropped back down on the chair. fuck, can't wait to get out of bed tomorrow. should be fun.


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