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Monday, July 18, 2005

The ice cream debate......

I go thru this everday. Like clockwork, my male co workers and I decide that its ice cream/soda time. I have a huge calendar on my wall with the names who have gone and where they go. Thursday is me. The guys place their orders, usually a Route 44 Cherry Coke or Dr Pepper, xtra cherries xtra cherry syrup. I always go for the regular M&M blast. Now figure that out...usually 3-4 days of fucking ice cream I'm stuffing down my throat. And I wonder why I'm gaining so much weight. Since I started this blog I vowed that no more would i participate. I didn't even put me on the order list this time. Of course , the inner mind starts going as I drive the short distance to the Sonic Drive-in. I wil not get a Blast. I will not get a Blast is my mantra over there. I'm actually saying this out loud and as I drive up and push the button to order I have made up my mind not to get one. Until she has to go and ask. "will there be anything else today?" Ummmm...yeah I'll try one of the new cookie dough balsts. Damn, another day shot to hell


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