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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The agony........

oh my arms...my poor pathetic aching arms. it wasn't the squats that did me in , nor was it using those stupid 3 lb squishy (but cute) balls, no it was the 12 lb bar that you lift over your head and back behind your neck. you would think that my having to drop my body on one knee and then actually having to lift it back up would be killer on legs/cankles....belive it or not, those are doing good. its the arms...oh god the ARMS.....for the love of God, make it stop.....over and over in my mind i scream, "ugh, you poor sick bastard" ( i know that line from a movie and i can't for the life of me remember which it was, needless to say it was when a woman was looking down at a badly beaten? and bloody person ready to die) that's how i feel. bloodied and battered...my arms swinging useless by my side....aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! the shit i do. after excersicing, know what i did? after i had my adrenaline all pumped up, took a shower, cooled off, really felt my lungs did a little workout, felt actually a little better...........until i went outside and puffed 3 cigs down in 15 minutes. hahahahahahahaha...if it aint food, it's something else!!! aaahhh, the joys of being "addicted".


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