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Friday, August 01, 2008

beach day

Man....we went to the beach last Saturday. Out of the blue sis calls up and asks if we were doing anything. She said "wanna go to the beach?" and I of course said "I like beaches".
It was sooo nice. No hot stuffy valley air. No sweat pouring down your legs. Aaaahhhh....relief.
We went looking around at campsites...(we like the one we went to last month better), we did a drive by thru town and then we were off to get fish and chips (none for me thanks...I got a hamburger). Walked around town and I of course made an ass out of myself pretending to be a seal. I'm sure sis has it on youtube somewhere. Here's Gma showing off her tanned legs

After that we mosied on down to the beach where we camped out for the next 3 hrs.

Gma got all worked up that the girls were doing this:

So, she guilted them into doing this:

Guilt...such a powerful tool.


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