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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Man, I hate being under organized. I have a pile of clothes that I'll have to iron before Sunday. I have a rosary, and two funerals this week, and get thru the rest of the week of school clothes, homework, and things to do up the ass to get ready for vacay. Yeah...never gonna happen. I'll be packing til Monday right before we leave. Typical.

My best friend R's mom's rosary and funeral are Wed and Thursday. I'll be a wreck. She's being so strong. I feel bad taht I'm not with her more, but it eats me up inside. Knowing now that she is alone with no parents or family support. i mean she has family but not close. Not like my sisters. If ever anything was to go wrong, I know I have my sisters love and guidance thru anything. She really doesn't have that. She had her mom and dad...and now both are gone. What's going to happen for holidays or sundays breakfast...or anything really. Where will she go? How will she feel? She really doesn't have that close knit of family. I told hubby at the begininning of her mom's illness that she is and will be invited to all our family functions. He agreed. Her friends have always been her family and I know she is very thankful for all of them. She will need us more than ever now.

It's going to be tough the next couple of days.


At 12:55 AM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

What has been hard for me is that I keep putting us in their place. R is my R. I am O. You and C are S and A. You follow? One day that will be us.

At 9:02 AM , Blogger RWB said...

gordaboo: you are such a good friend and a good person, not just anyone would open their hearts and homes to someone like you have!


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