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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


man its been awhile

when i last left off, i was still in pain and i had an appointment for the uriologist.
Friend R and big sis went with me to the very nice dr appt. Peed in my cup. Urine clean...no signs of infection.
Went to the Imaging center to go get my first pelvic ultrasound. ewww..man lying there with a stick up in you with a full bladder is not fun. Had forgoten what it was like to have a fulll bladder while they ultrasounded you. They did the outside scan and then up inside. She actually said that she had to move some things around to get a pic of my left ovary. What the hell? Move things around. When she said that , I think i actually felt her MOVE things around up in there. Not nice.
Waited over the weekend and got the results on tuesday.
Family Dr called and said all things looked normal. Ovaries looked good...yada yada yada. Cool, right? Wrong.
She then said...."there does seem to be some small cysts on the lower uteran wall. Damn...there was someting that was causing all this pain. No need to panic...not a major thing, but lets get you to another specialist to have everything checked out.
Got off the phone and called big sis and then hubby. Hubby listened patiently and then said "i don't know what to say"...which doesn't sound like a whole lot, but for him that was the nicest and best thing he has ever said in a sticky situation. Usually he's there going on and on about not to worry, it's nothing, don't go all psycho...shit like that. It was really really nice to hear.
I found out later that after he hung up with me, he called my dr's office and wanted to talk to my doctor himself so he can get the straight story. That was even better.
He did good this time.
It's now 2 days before I go see my other specialist to see if they can figure out what this is all about.
The dr's appointment is on my mom and dads anniversary, I've just started my period *nice*, and I have no idea where my paperwork is.
I guess I will know what 's going on soon enough.
Good thing is that mom has been taking this relatively well except for the fact that she insists that I eat and she's been cooking my whole family dinner for the last 3 weeks. Even when I go to big sis's house to watch our weekly show Weeds, she calls and asks if I'm eating. I have a running joke that when she calls, I tell her its not
"starve a cold, feed a cancer".



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