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Sunday, July 29, 2007


I remember a time back in the girls life when things were not so great for her. She had friends problems. So bad that she would cry some days. Friends leaving her out of things. Talking about her. Laughing at her. All do to a girl that shall remain nameless. Said girl went to another school after all the backs were turned on her and the girl and the others stayed close. That was in 5th grade and by 6th grade she was cool with her pak of friends. Then came 7th and it was even better. She had a really close friend that she did everything with. She lived over there at her house and then she came to live with us. It seemed that way anyways.
At the end of school, said friend got grounded for a 600 dollar phone bill. We haven't seen her since middle of June. Understandbly, her parents were upset and of course said friend said that most of the textes came from the girl. What the parents didn't know that was not all were from our girl but boys, but said friend would never tell her parents that of course.
Well, it turns out that my girl is now the bad seed amongst them and they have decided that maybe they shouldn't be so close of friends. The girl got a call from said friend and has been told that she should no longer call the her. What a blow. She's strong but not this strong.
I told her not to worry. They'll see each other in school just not after shcool or weekends. Needless to say I'm in crisis mode with her. I told her that the parents will wake up and realize that she was the one that kept said friend in check. She's a little wild one that one is and they will realize that my girl was indeed a good influence. We'll wait it out and see.
The good thing is that my girl will be so busy what with sports and student body and constitution and all that comes with being an 8th grader that she will hopefully not feel soo bad.
I cannot interfere cause this is her fight and if the paretns don't want my daughter over there, so be it. We *being said friends mom* always said we would not interfer with the girls friendships unless necessary. I cannot come out and tell the parents that her girl is the little hellion and boy crazy and a real talker who one day is going to get herself in trouble with some of the not so nice girls. You can't tella parent that and then have them turn on their daughter which in turn will turn her against my girl.
The good thing is that she has a cousin who she adores and spends a lot of time with and her other cousin is coming to town this week for the big camping trip. All that should keep her mind busy for awhile.

Lord help me, I think I'm in for a ride of my life though.


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