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Friday, August 24, 2007


And I haven't donet the camping post. I can't upload the pics and its frustrating me...sooo off to the subject of school we go.

School Time:

The boy is a sophmore this year and the girl is 8th grade. Two kids that know the rules and have been around the block in their schools. I'm hoping that it helps and it helps out a lot.
So far its been 1 week and 1 day. Not bad.
The boy has actually been gettting up without me having to throw a bowl full of water at him and the girl as usual sets her own alarm and is up before me sometimes. Amazing.
The only thing so far and i say this with a grain of salt...so far....cause you know there's gonna be drama....is that their school food sucks and they're not eating.
I remember when I was in school, I got in line, got me a pizza and a soda or went in the hot lunch line and grabbed me a plate with whatever happened to have mashed potatoes and gravy (*cause I LOVED me those tatoes and gravy), sat down and actually ate lunch and had time to bullshit.
Not so says my kids. The lines are soo long and even if they did get up to the front they either sold out of most things or didn't have time to eat it. What's up with that??
The boy doesn't even bother to get in line anymore and the girl has stopped also because her new principal took out all the "good" ie: unhealthy stuff. Granted I don't want my kid to snark down a bag of cheetos and pepsi for lunch, but something's better than nothing. All they have is gatorade, propel and baked chips. That's it for the snack bar.
Needless to say, I went to the store and bought the cheetos, granola bars, pop tarts, popcorn, fruit roll ups and told them to stuff them in their backpack and bring 'em out for lunchtime.
That's the biggest problem. Who knows though by the end of the day, drama could unfold and my perfect little school world will come tumbling down.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

A pic of the boy on first day of school, a tradition that we've done since I went to school. The first year that they didn't take one together, the girl had to be in school at 6:45 am to help decorate the school for the students.

the girls pic is on her phone and I will edit in later.


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