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Monday, August 27, 2007


Oh yeah, it was my anniversary on Friday. Did I not write anything about it because I was on some fantastic trip planned out entirely by my loving and adorable husband? did I not write about it because in the commotion of such a marvelous day I was to busy to write about it?
Fuck no!
I didn't write about it cause we didn't do a fucking thing so why write?
I came home early that day because it was my anniversary, my 16th mind you. Yes, hard to believe such a young at heart 36 year old can say that she's been married for 16 out of the 36 years she's been on this earth. Anyways, came home early cause we were going to the movies to go see the new Jason Stratham *hunka hunka hunka* flick, War. Hey its Jet Li but who cares, it has Mr. Transporter himself in it. Don't know what happened, but we didn't go. What did we do? We went to Cho's Kitchen, a chineese restaruant with the girl, ate, left to go home and went to bed.
Ugh...can you get more depressing?
I guess after 16 yrs of marriage, its a dinner, some TV , a slap and a tickle and good night!
I'm going to remember this next year.

Not a great pic, but really the last one we took. This is in our hotel lobby in Hawaii after a day of snorkling.


At 9:19 PM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

uh, hello? did you not read my anniversary post? All we did was go to Walmart and Sonic. At least you went to a sit-down restaurant. Even if it was...blech...Cho's. Oh, by the way, anyone reading knows where you live now. Try and Google Cho's and see what you get.


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