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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


It's that time.....I'm sick.
Have been since Friday. Well actually before Friday, but we'll count Friday as my first onset of problems.
Called the Doc after hours to get some Cipro (for those who aren't in the know...Cipro is for UTI and for those who don't know UTI , that is Urinary Tract Infection). No problem, go to my local drugstore and pick it up. Took my pill, and went to beddy by so that I can wake up with no more pain or infection.
Got up, felt much better. Took second pill. Actually went shopping with the girl and Gma. There was still some pressure but at least I could pee normally. Sunday rolled around and we went to my "semi" family reunion on Sunday...semi as in they're actually my brother in law's family, but me and the girl go to everything anyways. All good on Sunday.
By Monday morning, I was ready to shoot myself.
Called in again to have them either get me more antibiotics or up the dosage or whatever dr's do for my pain.
They called in Bactrim (another UTI drug). Hasn't done a thing.
Still in pain but still peeing.
Something tells me that it aint no UTI and I'm in for something else.
So I'm waiting here for my 1:40 appt to my Dr all nicely clean and shaven and preparing for the words "Now, your going to feel something cold and some pressure". NIiiiiiiiice.
Good news, (I think) is that I did have a 2:50 appt not with my Dr and they called to tell me if I wanted to see my regular Dr an hour earlier. yeah.
Wish me luck.


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