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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

hOW dO yOU sPELL rELIEF?....

Not...D - A - R -V -O -C -E -T
Went to my dr appt..got the cold clammy hand stuck up in me, peed in a cup, pressed on my stomach... and nada...zilch..
No extended bladder, no uterus falling, no urinary tract infection.
Nope, clean in all of those. Gave me a prescription for Darvocet, which so far has made me feel sick and loopy but still didn't take my pain away, even though I told mom it did (for emotional/mental reasons for her , I lied)
Still having problems with the actual peeing, still have the fucked up pains/pressure. Shit.
Now I get to go have a pelvic ultrasound on Tuesday. Wonderful.

Funny side note: While laying on the table and Dr pushing on my stomach, you know the deep pushing down that a Dr is so good at, she says out loud, "Oh my God".
What? I say. What do you mean.
She said "oh nothing nothing, not you. I uh forgot I had a dentis appointment today."
Jesus, you can't be poking and proding a person and then exclaim "oh my God"!
Not cool.


At 11:21 PM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

Your doctor is funny!


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