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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


which to some said would be their last....NOT, we got to our campground and headed straight to the back of the sites. We weren't near the water, but that was ok. Less people, so that we can make noise. Turns out tho, way in the back, that there were no flushing toilets (only the dreaded hole ones), they were uphill, and quite a walk for us fat people. Still...not a problem for me. The fire ring was actually on a slant and we had to be real careful when we put the dogs on or they rolled off. And yes, my family ate hot dogs, chicken, ribs, & tri tip off a grill who god only knows what or who did to it out there in the woods! Ha! I knew they would.

Here's a pic to get me started on my camping trip adventure.
More to come.


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