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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Two days, 6 hrs to go....

until I see the girl again. Jeez, I didn't think that I would miss her that bad. I started crying this morning on the way to work. Too much inside that I guess I never let out. She's supposed to get her one call today and I told her to call me on my cell phone. Phone charged and in my pocket all day. I pull it out like once an hour to check if it's still on and fully charged. A friend came over last nite for a smoke out and we sat in the garage. She asked, "You miss her?".....I sat there and nodded. "She's your partner, I figured you would."
I admit, the girl is more than my daughter. Oh don't get me wrong, I will whup the ass if needed, or ground and yell when needed, so she don't all the way have me in her hands, but she is my buddy. We talk about everything, things I would never talk to about with my own mom, but her and I have no problems, talking about boys, hygene, periods, u name it, we say it.
She's my helper at home, my shopping partner, my afterschool activities gal, my staying up late person, my stalker, my girl.
Friday can't come soon enough.


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