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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mrs. Jones

I have a friend that I honestly believe she has to have everything that I have. Or at least that's what I think. Tonight I went over to have a cigarette break with her and she announces that she's refinancing (we did last week), getting a new washer & dryer (like the ones I just bought), getting a new garage door (which I need and am ordering), and now gets pink & whites (which I have). Strange isn't it? It's not just this latest. Throught the years, its been: my Altima, a month later a Tahoe (ok, granted she took it a couple of steps higher on that one.) New carpet and tile for me...new carpet and tile for her a month later. My computer room is cocoa and beige....she did dark cocoa and cream in her living room. Toe rings on my toes....toe rings a couple of months later. 60" big screen for me....52" screen for her. Cruises for me....planning on taking a cruise in Nov for her. Chevy pick up for husband.....her hubby just happens to want one too. We want to put french doors on our sliding back window...guarantee that they will have them a month later. I re-did the girl's bedroom for her birthday last year....she did the same for her daughter at her birthday this year. Digital camera for my birthday...digital camera for her at Xmas. This has been going on forever. What the fuck? I am in no way a "Joneses" and I don't think that she's "trying to keep" up me, but its crazy that this happens. Last week when hubby told her that we got the new HE4T washer/dryer her response was "Oh , i heard the dryers aren't very good on those." Oh yeah, right. Not good. So, um, why are you going to get one then!? Huh? It's always the same...."oh, I don't like that or Oh, I would never get that...and then BAM....she goes and gets it.

I think I'm gonna tell her I'm going to shave my head and jump naked off a bridge screaming "HE4T Forever." See what happens.


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