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Monday, October 17, 2005

Lions...and tigers... and bears....oh my

Yep, the girl took off for camp today. A rite of passage for the 6th graders of our town. Every year, the classes get to go camping in the woods for 5 days. It runs us parents about $200.00. Five whole days without the girl. I think I'll make it.
I've left her for 5 days, but she's never left me behind for that long. She asked me last night, if I was going to cry at the bus.
Do you want me too?
"Nah, I don't want to do the whole Titantic thing", she says.
Cool. No crying. Check. I'll just wave at you.
So what do you think we did when we got there? We started talking thru the window . Be safe. Don't go anywhere by youself. Stay with your group. Don't let any bears eat you...u know the usual. As I heard the bus start up, I felt a little bit choked up but I wouldn't cry. The lights came on and I scoooted a little closer to the bus.
Bye Rose!, I mouthed to her.
Bye Jack!, she replied


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