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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Football granny

My mom....she's never really watched the games that we go to to watch the girl cheer. She always watched every move the girl would do and always cheer for the girls. It was different this year. She knew the girls routine, she knew they were good, and she knew the girl could perform. She actually decided to take a look at the boys in between the girls cheers. She's soo fun to watch. She gets all excited. I don't know how she sees everything, but she actually does try to follow the ball as soon as it is snapped. She got soo excited today that she actually stood up and yelled when one of our boys made a touchdown. She feels bad for them cause they've lost every game this season.
Today was the last game the girl would get dressed in her 400.00 uniform and cheer for the JV team. There's one more next Sat but we'll be in LA watching my niece in her first stage performance. She will be a dancing skeleton. Yep, another road trip for me.
The girl will now be practicing for the upcoming compeition at Magic Mtn in November. Practice, Practice, Practice. The vicious circle of a cheerleader. If all goes well and they make the Nationals, she should be done in January....just in time to sign up for next years squad as a big bad Senior. Sigh.


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