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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fair Time

I could've gone to Disneyland for the amount of money we spent at the fair last night. Jeez, no wonder why we only go every other year.
It was good though. We had the boy and the girl with us with a cousin for each to go on the rides with. Oldest sis's girl came with and hubby's nephew came too. The first thing that oldest sis's girl said, "I've never been to the fair?" Never been to the fair!!, I screamed. Whaaaaaat? The girl's been on cruises, D-land everyyear, sometimes twice, beaches...etc and never been to the freakin' fair? Unheard of.
Once we got in, all $45 to just walk thru the fucking neon Entrance lights, the boys said give us the cell phone we'll meet you here in a couple of hours. HA! Good one. Now If it would have been light, I probably would have said yes, in the dark? Hell no. Oldest sis's girl said, "I am to stay with you at all times. My mom said I am not to take off without you." Ha ha ha ha. Good advice.
We went to buy the tickets for the rides. Now here's where we fucked up. I could've paid $100.00 wristabands for each w/unlimited wristbands or pay per the packet. I said there was no way they would want to ride that many rides worth the $100.00. Wrong! Should've paid the $100. We ended up getting the 80 tickets for $50.00. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Needless to say they wanted to ride the rides. No walking around, no eating, no games....rides. Damn.

We let the boys take off and do their rides (promising to stay in the ride area) and stayed with the girls. Hubby and I would stand by the ride and wave to the girls getting ready to ride. He said they can't see me wave, but I stood there waving the entire length of the ride anyways. I remember when I went on the rides I wanted to see my mom wave when I went spinning by her. I thought back to the rides my baby sis and I would go on and how excited we were to get on. Hey even if it was the merry go round, it was still fun. The girls are about the same age difference as me and baby sis. Those two get a long very well for being cousins. I enjoy watching them interact. They were both soo excited to get on and then just as excited to get off and tell us about it.

We ended up leaving around 10:00 and got to our city limit around 10:20 or so. We asked oldest sis if she could meet us halfway to pick up the neice. Mistake #1.

Hubby decided to tell her to meet us in the darkest corner of an intersection. Mistake #2.

Oldest sis came and was ready to leave. IN order to get home, she would have to cross the 2 lane road and get into the turn lane. I knew it was dark, she knew it was dark, hell the kids probably knew it was even too dark for her to try this...so, she said I'll just go down the road and go home the other way. Mistake #3.

We ended making the 15 minute drive home faster than she did. Ha hahahaha. Poor thing. Went down the wrong road, in the dark, and ended up getting lost like twice. Mistakes #4-7.

Retinitis Pigmentosa is a bitch people. Funny, but a fucking bitch.


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