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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A girly girl

It's finally happened. My daughter realizes she's not a girly girl and its starting to cause problems. The girl is in 6th grade and there's some problems at school with some "friends". She came to me tonight and told me that one of her so called friends is giving her problems. My first response is always to tell her "fuck her, you don't need her as a friend". Problem is all her other friends do what this one little bitch says. She actually cried tonight and said she feels bad and doesn't know why she doesn't like her. My heart broke. I remember those days. I told her that I had a group of friends and we had a falling out in the 7th grade and I didn't hang out with them for a whole year. I found one girl and I stayed with her everyday. By the time 8th grade came around, we were all friends again. My girl is an athlete. Give her a sport and she can amaze you. From volleyball to softball to cheer. These other girls aren't. They like to walk the yard and talk about people. She doesn't want to gossip and doesn't know how to fix this. So, I said "Operation Audree" will commence tomorrow. I told her "do not compromise who you are, but you may want to think about adding a little girly girl to you". She perked up a little about that to my amazement. We sat and talked about ideas that we could do. I said once in awhile call some of the girls up and chat. Now I hated doing this at her age. All of my girlfriends loved to talk on the phone and that's one of the reasons I fell out with them that summer. If your not in the know, you'll get talked about cause your not there. I gave her some really cute post its and said take them to school and get everyones nubmers on them and stick them inside of your folder. Then every now and then call one of them up for a "girly girl chat". Bring one of her Teen Vogue or Elle Girl magazines to school with you in your backpack. We'll do the painting of the nails things and wear the lip gloss. Do the hug thing with the girls that you see on the playground. Shit like that. I said you can be yourself and still add a touch of these things here and there and still not lose who you are. Do not let that "friend" get the best of you. Do not stop playing sports if that's what you want to do. I never thought I would have to do this talk with her. She's so indepenedant and everything just rolls off her back. I guess the time has come to realize that she's at that age that girls can get mean and its time to fight back. Along the way I told her "to take the leader out of the game". If she disses you, diss her back. She tries to burn you, act like its your brother and get her back. She's my girl and I will help her, within reason, to start getting her to feel good about herself again. I think that's she's getting ready for the big M and her emotions and feelings are getting all haywiry. Lord help me, that will be another battle in itself.


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