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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


there's just not enough hours in the day somedays. I wish today would never be, the 17th of August is not the greatest day to remember. My dad passed away on this day in 2001. My mom gets upset that I don't remember it or say anything about today. The first year "anniversary" of this day, my mom and I were shopping and she realized that "today was the day". "Quick", she said, "what time is it?....what time is it...i don't know 3:00 ish. Why? "I need to know for Daddy" I got mad. Why would you want to remember the time of death? I asked her, "What time was he born?" " I don't know," she said. "Then why would you remember the time of death?" That's just me though. It's not a day that I want to remember so why would I have it burned into my memory? I'll never tell her, but I always remember. As soon as Dad's birthday comes rolling along, I know his passing will too. I think subconsciously I keep myself really really busy. Just as I did the day he left us. I never even thought of it until today when I was talking to baby sis. I was sooo tired today. Work, cheer (advisor had to take off and left me with the girls plus it was "birthday day" for all August girls), shoe shopping for son, and then 9:00 Wal Mart shopping for the girl. Just barely sat down, and I know i have about 2 hrs worth of work ahead of me. Laundry, ironing, packing lunch, getting prepared for first day of school shit that I'm never really ever good at. I mean, come on, what parent goes shopping for a backpack and pencils the night before school. LOOOOOOOO-sah! So with everything going on, I believe someone wants me to be as busy as I can be on this day. For my sanity , and for those who are around me, I belive this.


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