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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bocephus Rocks

Ok, well maybe not rocks, but he puts on a hell of show for an older country man. I hate country, but it didn't stop me from going to see Hank Williams Jr in concert at a local casino last night. Free tickets, what can I say. They were regular $85.00. I know I wouldn't see him for that kind of money, but for free??? Not a problem. I have a friend that's Mom is always at the casino and gets the tickets comp'd. Sooooo nice.

Here's a little backstory for those of who are completely ignorant like me:

Randall Hank Williams ("Bocephus" was his late father's fond nickname for him) was born May 26, 1949, a month before Hank Sr.'s landmark first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry, and he was 3 when the elder Williams died. At 8, he went on stage as Hank Williams Jr. with his father's songs, voice and mannerisms. He debuted on the Opry at age 11 and at 14 made his first hit record, a rendition of his father's "Long Gone Lonesome Blues." A year later, he sang all the songs on the soundtrack of Your Cheatin' Heart, Hank Sr.'s film biography. In his teens, he learned piano from Jerry Lee Lewis, appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and performed for crowds of 20,000 people.

My friend, baby sis and I were seated in the 8th row and we had good seats. We were across from what looked like the biggest Hank fan around. He was whooping and yelling throughout the first 30 mintues, so like a good wanna be fan, I matched his yells!! "We love you Hank", "Rock on Bocephus", "Atta boy Hank", and so on. I was probably annoying after awhile, but I wanted ol Hank to know he had two "loyal" fans in the 8th row. At exactly 9:01, Hanks biggest fan, passed the fuck out. Hilarious. My baby sis, said "look, he's gone"....I thought he had left but I looked next to me and he just sat there in his chair, eyes closed, head straight with a small smile on his face. We watched this free entertainment for the next 1hr 1/2 off and on, until we saw his ol lady looking back at us. We never did see him leave. Don't know if he walked out on his own or was drug out.

Hank had a really good mix of songs and his lyrics were cool to listen to. I must say, its been a long time since I've seen so many white people all in one place. :) Bocephus rocked until 10:30 (no encore) and we left to walk to the casino where I lost $60.00 only. Baby sis won $35.00. I was soooo hoping that she would've won. the asshole guy we were with actually won $225.00 on a triple 7. Damn. I had wished that was her. Oh well, there's always Vegas in January hopefully!!


Me: Babe, there's a whole bunch of scratches on my drivers door.

Husb: "that's from your g-damn keys"

Me: What the fuck do you mean?

Husb: "that's from your fucking keys when you get in. i told you not to have so many fucking things on your keys, now there's all kinds of scratches and i'm not paying to have them buffed out"

Me: hey you fucking dumb-ass, i don't ever use my keys to get in the car stupid, i have a fuckin' alarm. those keys never go near the fucking door.

Husb: oh, that's right. well then i don't know what they're from then

Me: Asshole.

(typical phone conversation between me and hubby. that's not us yelling or being mad, that's just our normal everyday talk. damn, when you read it, it does sound bad...hahahaha)


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