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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It's Cheer time.

Here I am, 11:00 and I'm exhausted. Cheer has been reving up and we've been painting posters for two days. My hand are permantly stained black I think. It's all up in my nails and try as I might to get the shit off, I still look like I'm a grease monkey. It's hot outside and we're painting on the hot ass sidewalk. They look sooo good, I hate to see them being torn to shreds when the football players go running through them. It seems as though that I will be playing a bigger part in my daughters cheer squad this year. Helping, planning, organizing...wheeeeeee. It's just began and I'm tired already. Damn.

You know when your pathetic? When it's 11:00 at night and you go into the kitchen and pull out the 5 gallon tub of chocolate chip ice cream and a knife. The knife cuts through the ice cream faster. You stand there at your bar and begin to eat, while your smoking on a cigarette. Shoot me now please.


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