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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Time off

Not actually from work , but a day home after work. No cheer for me tomorrow. Im actually having hubby go and pick up the girl so that I can stay home and clean a bit. The house is in shambles. Shoes, dishes, clothes, ...etc are all laying around this house. I can't even look around without seeming some pile in every room. I came home exhausted today and it was only picutre day. 40 some odd girls trying to primp before their pic is taken. What a mess. Girls, girls everywhere. I had to get my girls in a line and actually have them stay there. Not good. It was hot and the girls looked miserable. Not to say the least, the photog's they got sucked. We're writing a letter to the company to say how horrible they were. As soon as the shoot was over, it was over to see my godson practice soccer, since this will be the only day that I could do this, I braved the heat and dehydration to go out there and root for him. Hubby was coming home from LA today and I really wanted to clean up a bit before he did, but alas, he came home first. When I did come home, it was pick up shit off the floor so that I could actually walk around a bit. Homework check for the boy that didn't go all to well. I will not let what happened last year go this year. No academic probation for the boy this year. Get the girl ready for bed and start a load of towels. What a life. When the house was quiet and I actually got to sit down and watch some t.v., I turned on the last episode of Six Feet Under. How depressing. I cried like the whole last 45 minutes of it. I am now in full dehydratin mode. If I smoke anymore cig's, I think i'm gonna dry up for good.


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