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Thursday, August 18, 2005


I'm finally home. It's now 11:00 pm and I'm just getting home today. Today was the first day of school for both my kids. One is in 6th and the other 8th. The first day of school for an unorganized person is like Hiroshima. I'm in a war zone and I'm not at all prepared. This morning started at 6:45. Kids up, wahed up, and dressed. Cool. The girl wanted to have her hair curled, so there I am 1/2 hr curling a think massive head of curls. We were of course late and we moved out of there at 8:00, much to the dismay of the girl. She wanted to go early so she can see all her friends. After work, it was off to get my nails done and then it was to the cheer advisors home to drop off the pee wee's book and look over new shirts we were getting the parents of the girls. Next, Kentucky Frid Chicken for the husband. He has to go in at 3:45 am tonight (tomorrow, whatever). The kids and I decided to leave for Fresno @ 7:00 to get last minute things and dinner while we were up there. What a fucking mistake that was. People with RP have an internal day/night watch in them, and I was way into the not listening to my brain, that 7:00 was not the time for me to drive up there let alone home. Went to the mall and bought the kids shoes and socks. Ate some pizza and decided that 8:50 was time to start heading home. Shit....if it was soooo easy. The road I traveled down is a road I take to work in the winter. It's not a freeway, so its ok for me to drive a little slower and it's only a 2 lane up and back. Got more than half way home and there's a detour. The road leading to the short freeway home was blocked. I turned around and took an alternate road. What a fucking mistake. As I was making the turn to go to the old highway, I turned myself around and started heading back from where I cam from. OH MY GOD! The kids and I were talking and I guess I was concentrating too hard on seeing that I didn't notice that I had really drove a long time. I should have been home by now. Shit, wrong way. I traveled a good 15 miles until I saw the lights of a small city that I new I shouldn't have been in. Dear Lord, I'm lost. At night. On a deserted road with both my kids!!!!! Fuck, I have never felt so scared as I did then.
I managed to get on the big freeway and get myself going south and lo and behold, they're working on that road too! 3 lanes going into one due to construction. Lots of cars, lots of people working, lots of big shiny lights, for which is like a death sentence for RP'ers. A trip home that should have only been 30 minutes, turned into an hour. White knuckling it all the way. 10 mintues from home, my mantra was, "Ill never do this again. Ill never do this again". The kids were good. They helped me when they could. Once in town, I went to my mother in laws to pick up hubbys lunch that she made and I dropped off some shirts I had bought my nephews for school. AFter that it was to the store to buy me much needed cancer sticks and then home to drop off the kids, so they could get to bed at a halfway decent hour. Next to my compas house to smoke a little and relax.
I came home, made my hubby's coffee, checked on the kids and whalah! on the computer to write this shit down. What a fucking day. I'm exhausted. I am so ill prepared for this school shit.


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