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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

If only.....

I could say that I have accomplished the following random things:

1. To be a good person (yeah, ok this is a stretch)

2. Learn north from south and east from west. (This just has me very confused and I never can give or take directions. Just tell me by what mall or restaurant you are at and I'll get there.)

3. Learn the memory key on a calculator. (This also eludes me as well.)

4. Lean spanish. (If I have to, I can probably suss out what someone is saying, but I want to speak and understand fluently)

5. Learn to drive stick. (I drive with both feet, left on brake, right on gas and when I'm not doing that then my left is up against the dash. So maybe I'll never learn this one.)

6. Learn to sew. (Hell, I'd settle for being able to sew a button on.)

7. Learn to be organized. (hopelesss i know, but it never hurts to dream)

8. Learn to rollerblade. (I'm still stuck on the shoe ones with four wheels. My "cankles" can't hold me up, that's what I think is the problem)

9. Learn how to take pictures. (Correctly. I know how to point and shoot, but I want to "capture" a picture. With RP, I'm running out of time to do that. Pretty soon, I'll be able to zero in on a nose or eye real good though.)

10. Learn to french braid. (My daughters hair is very long and the only thing I know is "do you want one pony tail or two?")

11. Learn to do nails. (Do you realize the money you can spend on this shit? $18.00 every 2 weeks, $26.00 every backfill , plus tip)

12. Learn to read a map. (Kind of goes with #2, so if I can't get that down, I guess #12 is irrevelant)


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