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Monday, June 23, 2008

In between party stories, here's a little quiz for ya.

1. You just received too much change. What is the most that you would feel obligated to come clean about it..if at all?
If I catch it there, fine I’ll squeal. But if –a I’m out the door, you snooze you lose cashier clerk.

2. What is the last present you regifted?
Nothing exciting. Some dishes about 4 yrs ago.

3. You're puking your guts up from the flu and are delirious, who do you call to take care of you?
Not the hubby, he sucks . Anyone but him. Hell, I’ll take the mailman next to him.

4. It is 4am, you're at Dennys (or any 24 hour diner like establishment) after a night of drinking. What did you just order?
Toast. Plain White Toast. Always made me feel better.

5. You were just handed $2500 and must spend it going away for the weekend. Where are you going and are you going to ask anyone to come along?
I’d ask anyone but the hubby. Probably big sis and we’d sneak off to see the third and final blow-hole over in Australia (if we pack light and don't eat, we could do it for $2500.00)

6. Who shared your first ever romantic kiss and do you know where that person is now?
Kiss Kiss Smooch Smooch like would be back in the 2nd grade or so and he is over in the coast last I heard. Now full on spit and tongue that would be in the 8th grade and I have no clue where he went to, probably jail.

If your reading this, you have to play.

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At 7:06 PM , Blogger Christine said...

second grade...whew...finally another slut like me.

thanks for playing and I am available for your trip if sis is busy.

At 10:34 PM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

I take back all the mean names I called you this weekend. Well, most of them anyway.


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