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Monday, June 04, 2007

tAKE mE ouT tO tHE bALLGAME...

yEP...It's that time again.
Softball has started.
Tonight was the girls first game. This year the coachs decided to put her pitcher for the first round of batters, so that she can get a feel of the game for next year. She'll be pitcher then. Our ace of a pitcher is graduating and will not be able to play. She's something. I'll have to get big sis to video and link her on this thing. Very very very good for a 13 yr old. The girl is nowhere near her, but with practice, she'll be good.
The Spartans...yeah, I named them after seeing 300 cause it was such a kick ass movie that I loved just yelling out SPARTANS!!!....won. 7-0.

Tomorrow is R's graduation!!!
Can't wait to see the shoes!



At 7:24 AM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

Sorry I missed the game. We'll be at the next one.

The shoes are :(


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