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Monday, August 28, 2006


This sucks. I hate my computer. I can't even get on to read anymore. Evidentually it will go down completely and I will be stuck.
I'm having a friend at work build me a new computer, but I'm awaiting some secret stash money to finish out the job. So far I have a tower and a nice 19" flat screen monitor. It's going slowly but surely.

Some random updates:

- Friend R's mom is not good. I am not going into detail (even though I'm the only reader of this) but suffice to say, the Dr's told her yes it's cancer and to go home. That's never good news. It's going to be a tough couple of months for her and down the road for me.

- Gma A maybe be living with the family again. She 's not doing too well and the trains are keeping her awake at night. They used to go by only 1 or 2 times a night , now they're going like 7 - 8 times and she's not getting any rest and her rent is going up and all kinds of shit. So without asking hubby, I asked the kids what would they think of having Gma come back and live with us for awhile and they shouted an excitedly "yeah"! Told hubby and told him , if she can't find a place to come live with us for a bit until something shows up. The girl wouldn't have to share her room, we'd have to make the computer room (sniff, tear) her room. Absolutely no way is she going to move in without doors being put in the entrance though, that is my one condition and that she pay for it. No rent, no food, no electricity bill nothing. I only ask she pay for the french doors to be put on. Not bad

-The girls b day is around the corner. Jesus wept. I am going to re-do her room again. NOthing extravagant. Just paint one of her walls, new comforter/sheets and some pillows. (Remind me Auntie if you haven't already got her something I know just the thing). She's leaving the Cheetah behind and going hot pink, orange, tan's. Oh boy

-Mom is having her veins removed today. They're the swarming purple snakes that wrap around her ankles. She doesn't like them, so do something about them, and I guess she is. Big sis is in the room with her right now and just pix'd me a photo of mom lying on the bed with the Dr doing his thang. She's gonna be in pain they said, but hey doesn't all things that make you look good come along with pain. I just called and asked big sis if the "flesh eater" is done with the op, but turns out they're just getting started.


At 3:13 PM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

Gma A moving in again, huh. The good news, your house will always be clean and wont have to cook another meal. The bad news, your living room is going to look different every week!

I heard that she was giving up cheeta from R the day we were at Anna's but I didn't go into it because of the OP's around. Tell me what she needs.

Her partner in crime just showed up so I left her with bags of frozen peas on her legs and them talking about veins. I know, how could I leave with such lively conversation?! Couldn't wait to get home and blog about it, of course. And you know I got pictures!!


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