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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


or some shit like that.

When I got home from picking up the girl and her friend from church group tonight, hubby said he had had a talk with the boy.

I already knew this , cause when I went in and said good nite to the boy, he said, "Mom, please don't make dad feel as if he has to talk to me." What a fucked up thing to come out of your son's mouth. But that's the way their relationship is..fucked up.

Anyways, hubby said he had a talk about life in general and how he was disappointed that he doesn't believe in God. He then took the boy over to the faucet and said, "Turn on the water. See how the water flows and comes down in a perfect stream? Ok, now put your finger in the water. See how it gets disrupted and all out of whack? That's you son. The world is at a nice easy flow and will always run that way with no distortion, until someone like you always feels that they have to put their hands in it and fuck it all up. It may not be a perfect world, but it's ours. No matter how hard you wanna believe that you don't like things the way they are, and after we're all gone, the water will still flow in a stream no matter how many times a person sticks their hand in it."

Or something like that, I'm paraphasing, but that was the gist of the conversation.

Did I tell you that my husband was a huge Kung Fu fan?


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