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Monday, January 30, 2006


The girl left this morning. She left for San Francisco for a week with her class. She gets to spend 5 days over there learning and shopping and sightseeing. "Lucky! I like San Francisco"
We spend the entire weekend trying to cram 16 days worth of outfits in a medium sized luggage. Ugh. We awoke at 5:20 just as hubby was leaving to say his goodbye to the girl and we loaded up the trunk to drive the whole 1/2 block to school. We picked up Gma to say her goodbyes too. It was sooo sad, at 6:00 am its still dark and people thought we were dorks trying to navigate the parking lot (mom and I) in the dark. Step Down! Step UP! Watch the bumper. Step up once more"
Here's something I would never do. A girl in the class that neither of my girls friends care for very much (by good reasons may I add, this girl is in the 6th grade and she acts as if she''s in the 12th grade)...well she was going on the trip and her friends didn't go, so she was by herself. The mother of this girl was screaming up at the bus windows for my girl and her friends to talk to her and be with her on the trip. In front of the whole school. She actually then proceeded to get on the bus and move all the kids around in their seats so that she could sit by my girl and her friends. So my girl ended up sitting next to her.....aahhhhh.... I would just die, if I saw my mother screaming at the top of her lungs at all the kids on the bus. She wsan't being mean about it but I was speechless that she would do this in front of her girl. Mothers.


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