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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


-My friend R is going to Brazil for 5 weeks. I am to get up at 4:30 to take her to the airport.

-My favorite fanfiction site is down right now and i'm going thru withdrawls

-Hubby thought he was gonna get some tonight but I told him I wanted to finish watching Bones

-I'm hungry and the bread is a callin'

-My car is in the "shop". Well actually a house where some guy lives and he is going to fix it. The car is parked in front of his house by the road in the country. 100-1 that it gets stolen. It would be par for the course for 2006.

-My paper shreader is not working and I have lots and lots of papers to shread

-Planning for Hawaii trip of 2007 has commenced

-I am way behind on everything work wise

-I belive my vertibrae is permanently curved cause of my bad posture

-The girl wil be leaving for a week on Monday.

-I haven't loss any more weight (big shocker)

-My house is a mess (another big shocker)

-I feel like screaming for no apparent reason.

-I was recently told that a girl I knew had her apartment broken in while she was there and all she said was "they tried to hurt me". I was speechless.

-Hubby has to get up 5 hrs to go to work.

-My toenails need to be painted desperately

-I hooked back on the fucking show American Idol. I hate that I'm soo weak.

-I need new couches

-I want a bowl of sugar smacks right now

-I'm off on Friday. Gonna get a hair cut and touch up the roots

-I'm thinking of going to New York with hubby.

-I had a bad dream last night. Mom called and wanted to tell me something but couldn't. I asked her if I should come over and she said yes. Hung up and told hubby we needed to go over there and while on the drive over, she called back and said, "hurry, hurry". I panicked and started to cry and woke up. It was 2:21

-I've woken up screaming 4 times in the last month.

-I'm thinking about drinking a glass of wine before bedtime. Don't know why. It just came to me

-I bought some new perfume called Amor Amor...i luv it

-I thought I just heard my hubby yell my name in the next room. He didn't

-The boy's birthday is in 1 week and I have no idea what to get him or do to celebrate

-I hear a train in the background


At 1:40 PM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...


A totally random comment to your random post and why the hell are you going to New York, without me?

Inquiring minds...


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