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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


There's a caterpillar growing on the boys upper lip. The infamous hispanic genes are kicking in and the boy is sprouting his 'stache. It used to be , "mom, come here look really really close" and he'd tip his head up towards the light and you could make out some fuzz. Now you see him across the room and can see it a mile away. The boy is 3/4 mexican and he has really light light skin (like me) and dark features (like his dad). The mustache sticks out on him. I'm not saying it looks bad, it just looks "old". Maybe that's why I stit there across from him at the restaruant table (cause fuck if I'm going to cook. I think we've ate out like every night for 2 months...but that's for another time), and just stare at him. He's such a boy. Lord help me.

The boy and the girl are playing hooky from school today. It seems the girl twisted her ankle yesterday and is still having some problems with it (luckily cheer is off , huh) and hubby said go ahead and stay home and tell the boy the same. They just called me and they're ....what else...eating out. Bastards. They're going shopping afterwards for shoes and jeans. Muwahhhhaaahaaha....let hubby try and fit the girl for jeans....this will be good.


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