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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Busy busy weekend. Hubby's good friend had his 35th b day party this Saturday. It was a surprise from his current girlfriend. They've been dating for 4 months or so and I'm thinking that she wants it to be a lot more serious then he does. But she went thru the effort to surprise him and she did. His closest friends were there, (all except one, D) and we had pizza and beer. I got a little tipsy from the get go. I was soooo thirsty. I knew I had too much when I got up and shook hubby and started to sing...."Shake that thing..da da da da da da Shake that thing." U know the Carl's Jr commercial where the guy's shaking the cow...hahahahaha. Anyhoo.....after that we went to one of the guys houses and proceeded to get more fucked up. Knew Hubby was fucked up when he started breakin' and popping as if he was Turbo. Hilarous!!! All in all it was very very funny. ps(note to self: A and I finally made up. He was the one to break. hahahahaha)

Sunday - Mom's birthday. Got up and headed over to the house around 9:30 and stayed around all day until dinner time. Steak...gotta luv steak. There was 12 of us and it was really fun.

Monday - Took off of work, cause I can! Went shopping with the girls and mom and the boy. Everybody had gift certificates and wanted to use them. Later that night went to godson's house to give him his gift card from wal mart. Little shit didn't even come out of the room to accept it. We shouldn't have even given him anyting. He's a rude little shit that doesn't care if were there or not. Gotta still luv him though.


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