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Sunday, January 22, 2006

i'M tOO oLD fOR tHIS

I am actually sitting here at 2:20 in the morning trying not to scratch my fucking face off. I have some pimples right now that are driving me insane. Yeah, I said it....pimples. I thought I was too old for this shit. Your supposed to be getting these in your teens and maybe your twenties. I'm goig to be 35 pretty soon and I'm popping these things out. I blame it on hubby...of course. Hubby and I went to San Franciso to see a specialist for his John Merrick situation and I left my makeup in the rental. Well, of course when we called, they didn't have it. Typical. The makeup I have been wearing for 15 years of my life was in there and I didn't have the time or money at the time to buy some more. So i went the cheaper route and got some Revlon shit. I am now looking at a pimply fucking 17 year old virgin's face in the mirror. If hubby had looked in the trunk where my fucking bag was, none of this would be happening. I think when I got to bed tonight, I'm gonna pop open one of these babies and rub the gunk all over his back and ass.....that'll get him. Muwahhaahaaha. Fucker.


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