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Friday, January 13, 2006


Going back thur old blog posts, I ran across this from oldest sis and I realized I never played. So here goes: Go to google and type your first name and then "needs" after it. Type in your results.

1) Julie needs data protection.

2) Julie needs Cards for hospital stay.

3) Julie needs early start.

4) Julie needs your help.

5) Julie needs to recognize this and receive clarification.

6) Julie needs a last minute Fordham Hybrid

7) Julie needs to work on her parenting (Aint that just fucking cute)

8) Julie needs a team of commited people to pray for her and her ministry. (Ha Ha Ha Ha..i luv this game)

9) Julie needs to bite the bullet and set up a new home

10) Julie needs to show off her womanly frame (womanly ie: fat....even Google knows, damn)


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