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Friday, January 13, 2006

$%^&$*$ cARS

Well, the first one is done and is awaiting the $400 bill to be paid. That's our friends truck. Mine is next. I won't be taking mine in until my friend R will be leaving for Brazil at the end of the month (lucky bitch). She's going to Brazil and I get to go to the local indian gaming casino, if I'm lucky. Speaking of, hubby and I went last weekend. We really had a good time and talked about doing this once a month...that is until the Great Car Snafu of '06 happened the next morning. There goes our extra "date" money. While there at the casino, bad luck Schleprock sat down at his machine and me at mine (waaaaay on the other side of the place) and proceeded to plunk our money into the great silver god. Hubby came out with nothing. A big fat nothing. I on the other hand came back with my money and an extra $40! Big winner for me.

It's Friday. Weight time.

Todays Weight - 219

Total Loss - 7


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