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Monday, January 09, 2006

sTARTING oUT 2006 wITH a bANG!!!

Litterally. A loud expenseive BANG. As in my fucking car backing into a mini truck sitting in front of my house. All happy, yesterday got in the car, turned on the satellite radio, started to back up and that's when the parked car jumped right in back of me. I know it was just slowly creeping back towards my car as I started the descent down my driveway. It had to be. Cause I sure didn't fucking see it. What did I do, much like I always do in fucked up situations, I calmly got out of the car without looking back, clicked on my alarm without looking back, walked to the door without looking back and went inside and went to tell hubby. All without looking back at either car. Just calmnly went into the house to await the bitchfest that I knew hubby would give. After surveying the damage, hubby came into start yelling which by then I had already started the bawl-fest. I couldn't stop all day. I ried and I cried...I don't know? Seemed like a good thing to do at the time. Hubby was really really good all day and that made me cry even harder. I felt bad for me, but I had even felt worse for our friend who's truck it was and we were borrowing it because of hubby's truck ordeal.
I'm at work right now, getting ready to leave so that I can now begin the spend-fest. Two cars in an auto-body shop? Yeah, get ready to bend over.


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