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Monday, October 24, 2005


This weekend was my nieces first stage appearance. She played "Slim" a skeleton dancer. It was soooo adorable. I really enjoyed the play. It was about a mother & father who had a daughter that loved a shoe salesman. The shoe salesman got in a car accident and the ghosts tricked him into signing a contract to make him a ghost so he could be near his true love. My neice went out in the beginning of the show and did a dance with the other young skeletons. She was very good. Later in the play, the young man and daugher were going to kiss and right before they kissed, my neice and another "bones" came out running with a big cardboard sign that said, "censored" and covered up the kiss and then ran off the stage. hahaha
Another part of the play was that the skeletons had snacks on platters, it was when the ghosts and humans started to interact. Well.....the neices platter was the only one that actually had real food on it...gummy worms. the poor girl, where ever she went on stage, she would get mobbed for the worms. One boy kept after her and she kept turning towards him with a mean face and said, "stop following me". She knew the rules for the rest, but I saw her hand sneak in there and grab some for herself a couple of times. We asked her after it was over and she just simply said, "well...i was hungry!"
All in all, it was a very entertaining play that kept us going for 2 hrs. I hope she'll be in more.


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