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Monday, October 24, 2005

The Booty

The girl's sprit is gonna break, I tell ya. I keep telling hubby that if he keeps up with the butt tirade, he's gonna make the girl very self conscience. Now we all take a stab at the girls attibutes here and now. We do it in a fun and very outgoing way. The Dad does it mean and hurtful. Not on purpose, but he's her dad and he doesn't like certain things on her. Last night it was the ballet outfit.
The girl decided to be a dark fairy. We got some cool looking black angel wings and we're going to get some black tights, black ballet flowing skirt. We found a black leotard and she had it on under some shorts. When we got home from LA, she took the shorts off and was running around with the leotard only. Of course, the dad had to say something. "What do you think you're wearing?
My halloween costume.
No your not, your not going out in that, you can't wear that.
Why not? I'm going to wear a skirt over it.
Your body can't wear those things, its not right.
The girl went off and changed and came back. She didn't say anything to either of us after that and soon went to bed.
I looked over to the hubby and said, "Your going to break that girls spirt if you keep up that shit.
What did I say?
You didn't explain to her why you didn't want her to wear it. You made it sound like she looked fat or horrible or something in it. Your gonna give her a fucking complex!
I guess the hubby saw his ways and called her out of bed. He gave her a hug and said,
"I didn't mean to sound so mad before. I just don't want you to wear things that expose you too much. You don't look bad, you look pretty, but your my baby girl and I'm your dad. I tell mommy that she can't wear certain tops because of her top half either, so don't take it personal. I love you and I'm sorry If I sounded upset.
That's about the best conversation I have ever head him had with his growing daughter. Even if it was about her booty, I hope there's more of that too come in the future. God knows they need it. Now if I can have him actually speak to the boy, that would be a feat. I'm gonna work on it. Slowly but surely.


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