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Thursday, October 02, 2008


It's been a month. jeez. i suck.

Let's see.....Hubby is going to live. We went to get the results of the bipopsy (haha) and everything was fine. No cancer. They don't know why he's bleeding and with the pain but now they just gave him some pills for an ulcer and off we went. He has now had his lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach, and ass all checked out and he says he's feeling like a million bucks (even though he's like 70lbs overweight). Good for him.

Twilight has hit my house pretty hard. Now I find myself fighting the girl over new interviews and computer time to watch the stupid trailer like 5 times. I will buy her the posters and magazines...so i can go in her room and stare adoringly. Me and little sis were laughing cause she's doing the same thing with her 11 yr old. Freaks, I tell ya.

Last night was Chicago nite. I got to watch Chicago (again) with the oldest sis. We were in row 5 this time (as opposed to the 2nd like last time, the horror). It was hot, sticky and the guy next to me had like 1/2 an ass cheek to sit on. It seems that he was seat #1, me-2, sis-3, big girl #4 and Sophia and Bea Arthur in #5&6. Big girl took up at least 1 1/2 seat if not a bit more, that left my sister hanging over my seat and my ass hanging over #1. By the time the guy got there, he was doomed. funny but uncomfortable. The 4 guys behind me walked out about 1/2 before the show left and i turn to guy in seat #1 and say: Move! Move!, I got out and sat in their seats the rest of the night. Niiiiice. Chicago wasn't bad. I actually like their songs and would've shouted out more names of them if Sis wasn't holding out on me. I had a good time, sis don't worry. It's always fun to make fun of old people. (I still say the keyboardist looked like Dr. Wright without glasses).

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