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Monday, September 01, 2008

The girl

It's her birthday tomorrow. September 2nd. since i started this blog at 11:30, it's making my post as the 1st. Stupid blogger.

The big 14!

Awhile back when we were cleaning up Mom's garage, I found a letter that I had written and it had all the things that I will remember about my mom when I was 13. I asked the girl to do one of her own about me but I'm sure she hasn't yet. I'm giving her until the end of 2008. She likes to procrastinate. So here I thought I would write a few things that stick out in my head about the girl.

1. She could sleep thru anything as a baby. Music, loud voices, yelling, vacuum's anything.
2. She had a lot of hair (not as much as her brother) and it stood straight up in the back like a peacock.
3. She got the chicken pox when she was 8 months old but only on her head. She had a few over her body , but for the most part, you ran your hand over her scalp and she was full of 'em.
4. She carried a burgundy satin blanket with her from the time she was 1 up until that thing fell apart around 5. She would always hold it up to her nose. Sleeping, eating or just watching tv, she always had it.
5. She was potty trained by friend R at the age of 3 along with her then neighborhood girlfriend who was 2.
6. At the age of 4 she finally went to sleep in her big girl bed that was a cottage.
7. She started Kindegarten at 4, just 2 weeks shy of her 5th birthday. I always wandering if that would hurt her by starting soo young, but she's adapted beautifully.
8. She's a very good eater, unlike her mother. She eats vegetables, fish and will try almost anything.
9. She was in cheer for 5 years and was the very best one out there. She did a little jump everytime she cheered and it made people smile.
10. At 9 years I permed her hair...hey she wanted it.
11. She doesn't drink a lot of milk and isn't much of a sweets person. She always perfered food food, instead of junk food.
12. She's very good with the zingers and can go up against anyone in a smart ass convention.
13. She once called panicking to her Gma cause she couldn't find any sandwich bags for her school lunch (which i didn't pack her that day). To this day, I cry when I think about that.
14. She started putting lotion on and using deorderant before she had to. Like at the age of 8.
15. She began having hearing loss around 3rd grade. Just slightly though. Only about 15%
16. She also had tubes put in her ears that same year.
17. Oh yeah...at 3 months old, she had to have surgery to open up her tear ducts because they were closed.
18. She sang with her 4th grade teacher in front of the whole school and then a teachers luncheon. She sang A whole new world.
19. She also used to sing along with her karoke machine that Gma bought her around then and sang a buffy song, complete with dance moves and all.
20. She is a hell of an athlete. She can play just about any sport you throw at her. A natural.
21. When she was a baby, she was deathly afraid of car washes. Everytime we went thru one, her eyes would bug out and she would scream and cry throughout the entire thing.
22. Her body temperature is like an oven. In the winter, she makes one hell of an electric blanket.
23. She has a beautiful smile that lights up a room and she also smiles with her eyes which I love.
24. She sleeps horizontally on her bed.
25. She is and will always be my baby.
Happy Birthday.



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