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Monday, September 01, 2008

Hubby part II

Took hubby to his second and hopefully last Dr's appointment. This time a EGD and the scope went down his throat. He doesn't have to feel all violated and cry like a little girl at night anymore. Now he can have dreams of being deep thrroated. Serves him right.
I digress.
Went to the Colons R Us building which is now Deep Throat R Us and got us a really really nice admitting nurse. She actually made the whole thing a lot better for us. She did however inform us (after we told him when he had the IV in him last time it stung the entire time he was awake) that the gal who put it in was a student. Niiiice. Hopefully she didn't assist with hubby that first time.
After he went in, found out that Sis & bro in law were shopping a street behind us, so as hubby was being gassed and rammed, we were making plans to have breakfast when he was out. Hey, he has to eat too.
As the nurse called me back, I found that hubby was quite awake but "buzzing" really hard....but not hard enough to not take him to breakfast. We're talking pancakes man...can't give that up.
I pushed him out the door and held his hand and walked him right over to the Denny's and had a nice breakfast. hahahahaha...i still can't believe he was ok for it. Makes me laugh.
It's not that bad....when he had his vasectomy done two days before new years long ago....me and his friend Art waited out in the car and after he was done, drugged up and all, we went to Denny's to grab lunch.
Something about Denny's I guess is the place for all anthesia to be worked off.
Results come in two weeks.


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