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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

softball softball

YEP....Softball time. The Spartans coached this year by hubby, Danny P, Danny W and Tony are all at it again. Same team colors (except the crappy white visors), different girls. We didn't get a single girl from last year. We did get our 3rd base from 2 years ago which is a very big plus for us, considering at tonights game she hit a homer with bases loaded. The girl is starting pitcher this year. All year she's been complaining that she didn't want to do it but let someone else do it? Not on your life. She's fighting for the position now with another girl and that's what she likes. Competition. First game was Monday the 12th. They lost. First loss in 2 years. 6-1. First time jitters hopefully. The girl is the oldest on this team. All the girls are between 11-12 yrs old. Good thing is that they all know how to play at least. We weren't teaching girls how to catch this time around. We took our loss and we will meet this team again later in the season. We'll get 'em next time. Needless to say we had a very grumpy Daddy Coach that night. Tonights game was better. 11-4.Our Mondays and Wednesday are booked again. All I get to hear when I walk thru the door on those days are, "Get the ice for the coolers"..."where are all the freaking chin straps!"..."Boy go get the balls and bags in the back of the truck"...."where's the first aid kit?"..."where are the jalepeno seeds"...and on and on and on. Good thing that in this weather all but 2 of our games will be the 8:00 pm game. Niiiiice. No heat for us this year!



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