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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


It's been quiet at the house with no religion. The boy hasn't brought up or said anything about our discussion last week. It's as "normal" as "normal" goes.

Just found out that little sis's 2 girls won't make their anual summer trip to Gma's house. She didn't want to burden mom with them since middle sis ( I know I know)'s girl is coming for a week. Not to sound mean, but the girl just left 2 weeks ago and now she's coming back? Our town ain't that freakin' great. If she comes, then that means sis will be coming down for anothe visit. So close together isn't something good for us. Our mental state just isn't that strong to uphold another visit.

Little sis had a job interview for a new job at the same bank. Same position, same pay, but 12 miles closer to her home. I know 12 doesn't seem like a lot, but when you live in L.A. 12 miles is cutting 30 minutes of traffic out. She doesn't know if she wants it now though, cause her old job said she doesn't have to work every Saturday now. Only 2. NOW, they tell her. That was one of the other reasons she wanted to leave and try this out. That girl works 6 days a week and never hardly gets a Saturday off. So she's awaiting word on that one.

I have a sexual harrassment meeting that my company set up for its employees. I have to go, not by choice. But since technically have someone underneath that is my "minion", I have to. I'm gonna go find out how many times I could've gotten sued this year.

Hubby stayed home this weekend. I think he's sick. He didn't have a beer all weekend long. Not Friday. Not Saturday. Not even Sunday. Should I be worried? I think I should. These summer days must be kicking his ASS. Gotta luv it. I don't feel one bit sorry for him (which I tell him daily). He'll be sleeping in again come November - January cause of the foul weather and there be no cement pouring going on.

We got another guy to come look at our backsplash. He said he'd charge us $400. Hubby said he could have the job if he wanted it for $350. The guy's coming out next weekend. Sometimes he can do things right, that hubby of mine.


At 5:25 PM , Blogger Nigel Vossap said...

OMG -- love the bit about the sexual harassment meeting... The best part about those meetings is they actually "enable you" by teaching you all the great stuff that you're able to do but have henceforth been afraid... What a hoot! Please bring back some wisdom! Seeing as how I only have my Dad in the office with me, I'd love to learn how to sexually harass him.


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